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What some golfers have had to say about the RhinoDivot tool
Johann Rupert
The Chairman of the South African PGA Tour

"Congratulations on your magnificent pitch fork. It is revolutionary and certainly repairs pitch marks in a way that I have not seen before.

Having used it for the past month, I agree with the Superintendent of Leopard Creek, Sue de Swart, that it is an absolute necessity for anyone wishing to play Leopard Creek".

As a Chairman of the South African PGA Tour and as a member of a number of Golf Clubs in South Africa, Europe and the United States, I am going to recommend the usage on those courses as well".

David Frost
Winner of many PGA tournaments

"Loves the RHINO DIVOT Tool!"

It forces you to repair the divot in the correct method, stretching the turf back over the hole that the RHINO DIVOT Tool created.

Arnold Mence:
The commissioner of the South African PGA Tour

"It's a phenomenal Tool".
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