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How RhinoDivot was founded

We were playing with Gary Player, the non playing Captain of the "PRESIDENT'S CUP" December 2002' @ "THE LINKS" Fan court Golf Course, where they were going to play the PRESIDENT'S CUP.

Gary Player said that they will have to close the greens for a period of a month & half due to the date of the PRESIDENT'S CUP, so that the turf will have enough time to recover over all the Divot (pitch) marks.

So the idea came about for saving "The Links" Golf course in R1.500 000.00 of
Green fees. If they had been using the RHINO DIVOT “Which is an instant repair tool" there would have been no need for the closing of "The Links" Golf Course for any period of time.

Two months later "February 2003", the concept was created by Solms Beyers.

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