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Why try to re-invent the wheel? Simple – because sometimes it actually produces a product that is better than anything that's done before. Say hello to the Rhino Divot repair tool – a cunning little invention by Solms Beyers, who hails from Riviersonderend in the Western Cape, South Africa.

In a nutshell, many golfers don't repair pitch marks properly. They dig their fork into the side of the hole (or worse, the middle) and then pull up the turf, breaking roots and effectively lifting up the soil to ‘fill' the hole rather than pushing in the edges back towards the middle.

The Rhino Divot provides you with a tool to press into a pitch mark, creating a perfect ‘cone-shaped' hole that is extremely easy to repair by inserting the tool on the edge, and pushing the turf in to cover the hole. And of course, it comes with a magnetic ball marker. Sounds crazy, but it really works!


Solms Beyers, a fruit farmer at Riviersonderend in the Cape, and a low-handicap golfer, has patented a unique pitch mark repairer that he calls the RhinoDivot. When you see it's hefty horn you will understand why. Beyers conceived the idea after a round of golf with good friend David Frost and Gary Player at The Links Fancourt. So simple, done in five seconds.
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